Pchem Lab Projects – Spring 2023 (ASU ONLINE CHM343)

Remote and Online Physical Chemistry Laboratories developed by Professor Jeffery L. Yarger.

Project 1 – Properties of Gases

Computational Lab

Remote Experimental ‘Cloud’ Lab (and/or DIY lab)

  • BioPchem Blog Post on DIY and Remote Access Acoustic Interferometry (Speed of Sound) of Gases (Project 1 – Properties of Gases – Experimental Component)
  • J. Chem. Educ. Primary Journal Reference Material., Determining the Speed of Sound and Heat Capacity Ratios of Gases by Acoustic Interferometry (Supporting Information)
  • Pchem Cloud Lab – Remote Access Acoustic Interferometer
    • Access will be provided Jan 16, 2023 (and ending Jan 27, 2023). The remote access experimental component is scheduled to be completed between Jan 17-20th.
    • TA and Instructor Zoom Schedule to Assist with Remote Access Experimental Lab (Schedule Coming Soon).
    • CHM 343 Students – Access information using AnyDesk (The freely available AnyDesk client is available for pc, mac, tablets and smartphones. Download and install this app on the device or computer you intend to use for accessing the remote acoustic interferometer. It is recommended that you have a high speed internet connection and use a large screen device such as a laptop or desktop computer.) is provided in ASU Canvas under Module 1 (Anydesk ID and password to access the remote acoustic interferometer for Spring 2023).

Data & Error Analysis (and Reporting)

Project 2 – ThermoChemistry

  • Overview – Project 2 Handout – Professor Yarger
    • ASU ONLINE CHM343 Spring 2023 Project 2 students will use benzoic acid as a standard and should pick one fatty acid and one carbohydrate (sugar) for experimental, computational and simulated calorimetry experiments. A understanding of the thermodynamics of simple fats versus carbohydrates is an important and broad reaching health and biochemistry topic.
  • Prof. Yarger CHM343 Videos – Vimeo CHM 343 Collection or YouTube – Pchem Lab

Computational Lab

Remote Experimental Lab

Data & Error Analysis (and Reporting)

Project 3 – Chemical Equilibrium & Kinetics

  • Overview – Project 3 Handout – Professor Yarger (Coming Soon)


Remote Experimental Lab

  • BioPchem Blog Post on NMR Resources and Useful Links.
  • NMR Remote Access Spectrometer (ASU MRRC Bruker 400 MHz NMR)
    • We have finally got a stable browser based solution to remotely using the NMR spectrometer. This will hopefully eliminate many of the technical issues with using AnyDesk (which is still available and works for access currently – mrrc_bruker_400@ad).
    • Instructions for using your local computer browser for remote NMR access and experiments:
    • Icon web is very similar to IconNMR and allows students to remotely submit NMR experiments. Once remote NMR data has been collected, it will be automatically uploaded to spintropy, as long as the correct Spintropy Username is entered (asu_chm343). You can download your data from the asu_chm343 ‘Data’ section (or look at a plot of the data). It is recommended that NMRium be used for NMR data processing and analysis (again, web browser based app).
  • NMRium – NMR spectra processing for everybody (excellent in-browser NMR processing).

Data & Error Analysis (and Reporting)

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