Data & Error Analysis

“Some aspects of science, taken at the broadest level, are universal in empirical research. These include collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. In each of these aspects, errors can and do occur.” – Issues with data and analyses: Errors, underlying themes, and potential solutions – PNAS 2018.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis
wiki overview

Statistical Analysis of Physical Chemistry Data
J. Physical Chemistry B article, 2020.

Error Analysis

Mathematica Document
Experimental Errors and Error Analysis

Propagation of Error
Wikipedia page.

Observational Error
Wikipedia page.

Estimating Measurement Uncertainty
Clin Biochem Rev. 2008 Aug; 29(Suppl 1): S53–S60.

Introduction to Error Analysis
Oldy but a Goody, Book on Error Analysis.

Handout for Pchem Lab (Prof. Yarger)
Handlout written for pchem lab students.

Recommended Software/Apps for Data & Error Analysis (Data Science)

Jupyter (Data Science Notebook, Python, R, Julia, etc)

Matlab (or similar clone software, e.g., Octave, SciLab)

Symbolic Mathematics and Graphics (e.g., Mathematica, Maple, CyMath)

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