Really Useful Websites – Jan/Feb 2018


I’ve been working a lot on physical chemistry with a biological focus (ASU BCH 341) and use the following websites a ton to help work problems, find useful material to help with biological thermodynamics, make pdf documents, and make figures/plots/etc.

First is CYMATH… I use this daily!!  Its not quite as good as mathematica, maple or even wolfram alpha, BUT it runs in a web browser and is super easy and convenient to use:

Next up… PDFDRIVE.  This website has so many great books in pdf format that are free to download.  It has the primary book for BCH 341, ‘BioPhysical Chemistry’ by J. Allen as well as a ton of great physical chemistry, biochemistry, chemistry and all sort of scientific topic books:

Gavit Designer – WOW… Why buy Adobe Illustrator or any expensive vector based tool for creating and editing plots, figures, pictures, screenshots, etc??  This in-browser or free download package is awesome and I use it all the time to edit plots, edit screenshots and general touch up pdf, eps, ai or any vector based image format (or even pixel based format like jpg, gif, photoshop, etc).

Instructables – I have used this website for years to learn things about hobbies and stuff in my personal life.  I never really considered it for higher education and science.  However, once you look, there is really a surprising amount of content… Not everything, but more than you might think in the area of chemistry and biochemistry.

Now a question for anyone that reads this blog post… What’s your favorite ‘gem’ website that not very many people know about that is helpful for general science learning or more specifically for chemistry/biochemistry/biology/physics?  or like I have listed above, just websites that are good tools or help in the learning process of science… Please share!!

Also, what are your favorite videos or screencasts for learning topics in STEM?  I love 3Blue1Brown, Minute Physics, Kahn Academy, TED TalksCatalyst and even some of MIT’s OpenCourseWare.


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