PMR Projects

Principles of Magnetic Resonance (PMR) uses projects as a method for students to learn topics in magnetic resonance that are of specific interest to them, while allowing for (peer and instructor) evaluation of how a students understanding of the principles translate to a real tangible project in which the student needs to convey what they have learned to the evaluator through either a classical written report, published web-page / blog-page, or a screencast / video.

Specifics about reports, deadlines, and evaluation will be discussed during specific classes and in the course syllabus. Below are some anonymized reports from past PMR students/courses.

Example Projects

Projects from PMR 2020

Enol/Keto NMRCollaboration w/ Oxford Univ. Chemistry

Project 2 is done during the second half of Principles of Magnetic Resonance (PMR). It is meant to cover a more in-dept and advanced set of concepts in either NMR or MRI. This is typically submitted as either a written report or a screencast (both with associated supplementary material).

Example Projects II

Understanding INADEQUATE Experiment (Spin Evolution Code)

CPMG Sequence & Simulation (Spin Evolution Code)

Students – 2012

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