The fundamental microscopic theory that underlies biology, physics and chemistry (BioPchem) is Quantum Mechanics.  Some ‘News & Views’ on quantum research of interest to our group is provided below:

January 2020


National Science Foundation Presentation: Washington DC, Jan 2020:

NSF QLCI Presentation.pdf

January 2020

Pointing the Mathematical Microscope at the Practical and the Exotic.


Prof. Yarger is teaching ‘Principles of Magnetic Resonance’ (BCH/CHM 598) at ASU in Spring 2020.  This course is based in angular momentum quantum mechanics.

A good place for quantum and superconductivity demos is ‘Quantum Levitation’.


November 2019

Prof. Yarger is a Co-PI on ASU’s effort to establish an NSF funded quantum research center at ASU.  The PI of this effort is a long-time group collaborator, Vladimiro Mujica.


The NSF-sponsored workshop on “Enabling the Quantum Leap: Quantum Algorithms for Chemistry and Materials” was held on January 21-24, 2019.  The workshop explored mechanisms to advance the science and engineering, collaboration, education, and broader impacts of quantum computing as applied to quantum simulation.   The workshop report is available on our website:


December 2019

When can a quantum computer destroy bitcoin?

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