Project X

Project X is an extra project at the end of the semester in CHM 343 to help any students that missed major components or all of assigned CHM 343 Projects. This is basically an independent project that should contain the same computational, experimental and data science components. However, these independent projects much propose a different computational and experimental exercise to what was done in the assigned CHM 343 Projects. The simplest change is to do similar computational and experimental work, but on a different chemical system to what was done in CHM343 Projects. However, this is meant to be a very flexible and independent project for students. Hence, there is a proposal stage where students should write a 1-page outline or proposal that is submitted for review and feasibility. A TA and/or instructor will provide comments and suggests to arrive as an approved Project X outline and/or proposal. An initial outline is due at ASU Canvas by the date specified in the Canvas Module (typically at the mid-point of the CHM343 course).

Suggestions – Project X

  • Project X – Probing the Property of Gases Through Acoustic Interferometry. – DIY or Remote access to acoustic interferometry setup and look at several gases that were not looked at in Project 1. For example, N2O and Difluoroethane (Dust off).
  • Project X – Solid-Liquid Phase Diagram of an AB system using DSC.
  • Project X – Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Kinetics of a substituted beta-diketone (other than AcAc) using a Remote Access NMR spectrometer and Ab Initio Electronic Structure Computational Methods.
  • Project X – Liquid Diffusion of amino acids or peptides in aqueous solution using NMR and MD.

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