Office Hours


The ASU ONLINE/iCourse BCH341 course for Fall 2018 will have ‘Virtual’ office hours.  Office hours will be held by all instructors and TAs associated with the course.  We typically use ZOOM.US as the video conferencing / meeting service used for online office hours.  The CLIENT app for zoom is free and can be used in iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, Linux or in any modern web browser directly.   We advise students to have a webcam / phone front-facing camera (video) and headphones WITH A MICROPHONE (wired usb work best, but bluetooth wireless also can work).  Most headphones now come with a microphone for using with smartphones (phone calls).

Specific Times/Dates TBA

** Typically YellowDig works to get most questions answered and in past semesters we have NOT had virtual office hours productively used. HOWEVER, we will try with and Canvas to see if there is student interest in virual/online office hrs.

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