Instructor Information

Professor Jeff Yarger is the primary instructor of ONLINE BCH 341 for the Fall 2019 semester.  Professor Vladimiro Mujica is the primary instructor for the on-ground version of BCH 341 at ASU in the Fall 2019 semester.

The ONLINE BCH 341 course will typically have additional instructional help and teaching assistants help with Quizzes, Assignments, Exams, Q&A, Office Hrs, Social Media, Grading, Etc.  For the Fall 2019 course, Subhadeep Dutta (biochemistry graduate student) and Jacob Layton (chemistry graduate student), will be the BCH 341 TA.

STUDENTS: Please direct ALL questions to the YellowDig site for immediate help. However, if you do absolutely need to use another form of communication, then you can reach an instructor via email at

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