BCH 341 TextBooks – Fall 2019

There are numerous books that cover physical chemistry with a biological focus.  I will not attempt to provide an exhaustive list, but rather focus on the books I find most useful and the books used most by Prof. Jeff Yarger.


The primary textbook used in BCH 341 for Fall 2019 semester is:


A secondary book used in BCH 341 is one written by a colleague at ASU, Prof. James P. Allen titled ‘Biophysical Chemistry’.  This books is FREE in PDF format for all ASU students and hardcopies are available from Amazon or related online bookstores.  A link to the ASU Library version for ASU Students is provided here:


In past semesters, we have also used Tinoco’s textbook and this is the primary textbook used in the on-ground ASU BCH 341 class.

A list of other freely available books on this topic:


Excellent Modern Textbooks recommended by Prof. Yarger on topics covered in BCH341:


A list of Prof. Yarger’s favorite ‘Oldies but Goodies’, books on basic/general Physical Chemistry and books that focus on Thermodynamics (the primary physical chemistry topic covered in BCH341):

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