Letter of Recommendation – BCH 341 Students

Prof. Yarger and/or Prof. Mujica will be happy to write academic references for graduate and professional schools for students that follow these guidelines.

  • You have done well in my class: this means getting an A or A+.
  • I know who you are: This means we have interacted during the semester, during ‘office hours’ or on social media (YellowDIG). If I don’t recognize your name chances are I have no idea who you are.
  • You use the ASU pre-health office (unless you don’t have that option for the program you are applying to).
  • You waive your right to see the letter: this is standard, and it will look bad for you if you don’t waive your right.
  • You give me at least a month to write the letter.

Start by sending me an email asking me if I’m willing to write a letter for you. Don’t ask for a meeting in person, as we can handle this by e-mail. If I feel I can’t write a strong letter I will tell you so. You may feel hurt, but it is in your own benefit to have the strongest letters possible, so you are better off asking somebody else. If I feel I can write a positive letter I will ask you to provide me with the following information:

  • Resume / CV
  • Why do you want to be a doctor/dentist/pharmacist/etc? (or if you are applying to graduate school: Why do you want to pursue a PhD?)
  • What are your long term plans (related to the degree)?
  • If research is an important aspect of your application materials, please describe what you have done in a short paragraph.
  • What else you feel should be addressed in my letter?

Please also give me a SIGNED copy of the ASU Pre-Health waiver form (unless you can’t use ASU Pre-Health). Scan it and attach it to the same e-mail, or bring it to my office (slide it under my door if I’m not in).

I will e-mail you when I submit the letter to the ASU pre-health office. If you don’t hear from me one week before the deadline e-mail me with a reminder.

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