Labs & Experiments

ONLINE BCH 341 is a lecture based course and currently does NOT have any lab or experimental component.  However, it is the long term goal of Prof. Yarger to create ONLINE BCH BioPhysical Chemistry laboratory exercises (experiments).  There are a couple options of how this maybe executed in the future.

  • Must of ‘experimental’ physical chemistry is computational and data science driven.  This can be easily integrated into an ONLINE course.
  • To teach experimental physical chemistry that requires handling of chemicals and use of biochemical instrumentation, there is the potential for several modes:
    • Have ‘take-home’ kits that could be purchased for students to be able to do experiments at their ‘home’ location.
    • Have a 3-4 day intensive all-day lab session at ASU or an affliate location where physical chemistry laboratories are setup for students.
    • Have students use/run instrumentation that is located at ASU, but can be operated remotely and data uploaded/downloaded.


Below are some laboratory handouts used in CHM 343 and are potential labs that could be modified for BCH 343 or an integrated lab component for BCH 341.

Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory Handouts

(Potential Material for a new course – ASU BCH 343 Laboratory Course)

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