BCH 341 Quizzes – Spring 2019

Weekly online quizzes will be used as part of the evaluation process for students taking the online version of ASU BCH341.  Prof. Yarger will evaluate students knowledge of the topics covered in BCH341 (Biological Thermodynamics and Kinetics) using online quizzes in ASU’s online learning platform, Canvas. Quizzes will address evaluation of basic concepts and basic problems in biopchem.

Quizzes can be taken an unlimited number of times with the HIGHEST scored quiz being the one that is used for a students overall point total for the course.   Generally the quizzes will be posted ~ 5 days before the DUE date.   The standard format for each module quiz is 25 pts, 5-10 questions randomly picked from a pool of questions, 60 min time limit and the highest score is kept for the gradebook.

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