Approach a Problem from Several Different Perspectives

In my Opinion, one of the keys to using problem solving to truly get a fundamental understanding of a problem is to solve the problem in several different ways… A really really great example of this is Eddie Woo’s YouTube Videos in Mathematics.  What I love about his videos is he almost always uses MULTIPLE approaches to looking at the same question or problem.  Often only one path or method is used to solve a math problem and its often thought that there is one absolute best approach or method to solving a problem, i.e., a math problem or a number problem…. Watch a few of Eddie Woo’s videos show is that solve the same problem in several different ways or approaches is really really useful in understanding and remembering a concept.  Also, I think it is critical in becoming a ‘profession problem solver’.

Start by watching this video… What is 0 to the power of 0?

This is just the start of this blog post… Math is the language or foundation of science, hence, its great to show that even at the foundation, problem solving using multiple perspectives or approaches can provide new and important insights.  Now lets apply this to science directly, where it can be even more critical to use multiple logical paths to gain insights into complex and/or abstact concepts.

I think like Eddie Woo does with mathematics, the key is fundament examples of several paths that provide different perspectives about the same problem… I am working on examples now.  If any readers have suggestions or examples, please please share them!! I am still formulating this component!! And will be back with examples soon!!

Think Deeply About Simple Things…..


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