Math Material

Math is the language we use to describe nature and therefore science.  If you get one thing and one thing only from this class it should be the basic and elegance of partial derivates for the underpinnings of thermodynamics.  An appreciation and working knowledge of basic calculus and linear algebra (‘matrix math’) are, in my opinion, critical to being a successful scientist.  I constantly hear that I am good at science but not math, or I love science but don’t like all the math.  This to me makes absolutely no sense!  There is no science without the mathematical language used to express it.

Okay, enough professing and on to some practical points.  This course will try to provide all the tools, lessons, reviews, etc needed to refresh and hopefully appreciate the mathematics used in biology, chemistry and physics.  We will start below with some YouTube channels, videos and content that I watch and find useful:

General Math Review

Additional links, review sheets and content from Prof. Yarger will be added throughout the first few months in 2018, so check back for specific math reviews.


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