Suggested Problems – BCH 341 Homework

In my opinion, the learning technique that works best for any scientific or mathematical subject/topic is problem solving and/or direct application of the concepts and techniques being taught (‘learn by doing‘).  A teacher, instructor and/or professor can provide material, help with abstract or complex concepts, provide examples and work tons of example problems, HOWEVER, this really does little to help students really learn and remember the subject/topic in the long term.  Students directly working tons and tons of problems and developing better and better problem solving skills is really one of the keys to learning.  Basically, its this professors opinion that the vast majority of students learn by doing not by watching.

The suggested problems below are meant to show the real world application of the fundamental subject matter covered in biophysical chemistry (specifically BCH 341).  There are both suggested problems from the primary biophysical chemistry textbook as well as problems Prof. Yarger has designed for helping students become better problem solvers in the area of biopchem.

BCH 341 – SPRING 2018


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