Instructor Info

Professor Jeff Yarger is the primary developer of ONLINE BCH 341.  However, there are

Version 2

several other professors at ASU that have contributed to the content in this course and/or have taught BCH 341 at ASU.  These other faculty include Prof. Marcia Levitus (excellent ADDITIONAL resource for BCH 341 students is her website), Prof. Matthias Heyden (teaching the on-ground BCH 341 at ASU), and Prof. George Wolf (physical chemistry professor and collaborator).

ONLINE BCH 341 will typically have additional instructional help and teaching assistants help with Quizzes, Exams, Q&A, Office Hrs, Social Media, Grading, Etc.  For the Fall 2018 course, Brandon Blass (biochemistry graduate student) and Shreya Ray (physics graduate student).

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