BioMolecular Structures

Molecular structure is a critical component to our visual and spatial understanding of molecular biology and chemistry.  Below is a list of some online resources that Prof. Yarger recommends to students:

Molecular Structure DataBases

Molecular Structure Builders, GUI’s, & Interactive Websites

  • Avogadro (Molecular Editor and Visualizer)
  • Chimera (Extensible Molecular Modeling System)
  • VMD (Molecular Visualization Program)
  • JSmol (Javascript-Based Molecular Viewer from Jmol)
  • PyMOL (Python based molecular visualization system, by Schrodinger)
  • MolView (Web-Based Molecular Builder and Viewer)
  • 3Dchem (Interactive Website for Chemical Structures)
  • VESTA (Visualization for Electronic and Structural Analysis)
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