BCH 341 Student Grades

Students taking the online version of BCH 341 at ASU will be graded on a standard A-E letter grade system.  The syllabus for any specific semester of BCH 341 will give the exact grading scale for a specific course.   When Prof. Yarger is directing the course, there will not be any type of curve and it would follow the absolute grading scale provided in the course syllabus.

Online ASU classes currently (Fall 2018) use Canvas as the default platform for dissemination & communication about courses.  Prof. Yarger will try to run all announcements and information through ASU Canvas and will use the Grade Center within Canvas to post all graded assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.   For the Fall 2018 online and icourse, the Canvas course name is ‘2018FallA-X-BCH341-92391-92805’

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