BCH 341 Registration, Withdraws & Overrides

The instructor/professor does NOT handle registration, withdraws or overrides for online courses at ASU.  Each semester during registration season, we receive requests from students for prerequisite overrides, course full overrides or late add overrides into the classes you are teaching. Instructors, Teachers, Professors, Faculty cannot approve any of these overrides. Instead, each of these requests is reviewed by advising staff to ensure consistent application of SMS, CLAS and University policies. Please forward all such emailed requests to the advising staff at the following  addresssmsadvising@asu.edu. If a student contacts you in person, direct them to send an email with their request to the advising office at the same address. 

Advisor review is necessary both to ensure students are registered in the right courses and to maintain the quality of our courses. For example, advising staff check such things as that students do not have financial holds or government sponsorship problems, are actually graduating as claimed, are enrolled in an SMS degree program, are asking for the correct course for their major, meet the required prerequisites for the course and, if needed, have approval for 3rd time repeat.  

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